Thursday, November 15, 2007

ABCs Sing with me!

Well here it is...the illustrations for my Wildlife Portraits for an ABC animal book. Overall I'm glad with how they turned out. We were only required to have 4 color spreads but I would like to down the road have the entire book in color. The medium was nupastels. The layout of the book has the alphabet on the left page and the illustration on the right page. So the left page would be Aa alligator with the alligator drawing on the right page. I printed a hard copy that does it justice and the feeling you get when holding it in your hands is overwhelming. Let me what you think!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sneek Peek

These are some color comps for my Animal ABC book that I will be completing in the coming weeks. Each letter in the alphabet has a portrait of an animal that will represent it. So these are obviously for T and F. In the final book the border will be white with the letter being placed in the left of right corner depending on the page placement in the
book. The entire book is being done in nupastles to allow the vivid color to catch the viewer's eye. It's getting a little stressful with the shadow of the deadline looming but I know the final edition of the book will be a success. I'll post a copy of the final when all is well.