Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well this is it, closing time, crunch time, whatever you want to call it. Only three more weeks left in my collegiate career. Then it's time for reality to kick in. This is the artwork for what my promotional postcard will be. I'm finishing up the design of this card along with my biz card and stationary letterhead. Then it is off to making my own professional site.


BWIL said...

yo matt! I love the colors your using in your illustration. I see your closing out your year well man, I wish you luck in your future endeavors b e z

Dustin dArnault said...

Hey Matt,
I know how you feel, I have been graduated a few months now and I am scared out of my mind. The site is good pretty simple. I would however play with layout a little more. I can see what your trying to do, but your type alignment is off. Play with lining up your name with your gallery list. I would also let people see what category they clicked on, as it stands now I, there is now indicator to which one i have clicked. Have the category text highlight or enlarge.
Thats all I can think of.
I will see you soon, once I am done with the academy.
take care and don't stress.