Sunday, December 03, 2006

Litho- Part 2

Good Mornin'


Good Mornin' has more of a stylistic meaning rather than conceptual. The various features of a rooster allowed me to render with vaule and line. The closeup gives a more keen example of this. These were proofs, which are newsprint layers that allow you to slowly ink up to full strength. Once at full strenght you print on rag paper. The final print of this is in circulation through the SCAD Atlanta and Savannah campus.
I.C.U. was made through the waterless lithography process. This technique allows you to print in color with each layer being a seperate color. This piece was made in three layers divided by the orange background, red stippling background, and blue ink work in the foreground. These two proofs show how I was experimenting with composition.

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