Sunday, December 03, 2006

Techniques Galor!

nupastels with mineral spirits

Round in Sound,

Protect & Serve,
mixed media

Test patch in mix media

These works were all from a class that explored new matierals and techniques. Blondie was a speed drawing(30min) done in a stlye favored by Mark English. He used the combination of nupastels and mineral spirits to create a quick and effective way to make a painterly and gestural drawing.
Round in Sound used the technique of acrylic under and overpaintings while using the Fletcher's color scheme of a soloist and chorus. Protect and Serve was done in the C.F. Payne technique which involved a process of several layers (gesso, acrylic, watercolor, oil, and color pencil). The test patch was done first to get comfortable with the technique before moving on to the final.
****These works were digital photographed, so the resolution and color are some what lacking. Once I get near a scanner I'll repost those.

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