Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back to the Future's been a while since my last post...The vector self-portrait was done in illustrator over a quick sketch. The second was a movie poster I did a few months ago, and recently touched up and took out the text to allow the image to take over the composition. I'm working on a few new pieces for the upcoming CMYK call for entries in October, props to my pal Dustin for getting into the current issue on stands right now. Other than that I'm working on my new sketchbook, first time I've used a moleskine one, very nice quality and size. Hopefully I can start posting those weekly. And I'm currently updating and touching up my website, adding more works along with the sketchbook section. CHEERS!

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Dustin dArnault said...

thanks bro,, glade you joined the moleskine family. We all have come a long way from Gilpin! Bullpen forever! How is the panda doing?